K-Mart went to Vogue, or did Vogue go to K-Mart?  Doesn’t matter.  The reality is that K-Mart has a four page spread in the September, 2010 issue of Vogue Magazine.  I know we are living in times when a lot of things don’t make sense but isn’t there something wrong with this picture?  It wasn’t long ago that Vogue would not have given K-Mart the time of day.  Different worlds.  Different entities. Different markets.

Has Vogue Magazine jumped the shark in these ‘anything goes’ economic times or has K-Mart shot up the ladder?  Is money the all-important “green” in this green conscious society we live in?  Do you really accept that?  Is everyone crossing over, dropping down for a dime?

Where are you in this picture?  What do you stand for as an artist?  Are you K-Mart or Vogue ?  Or are they now the same?

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