As an artist you must always push yourself, take chances, look into the dark, challenge your unknown.  Put yourself at risk, not in comfort with your art.  Frances Bacon said that he worked much better in chaos and that “chaos breeds images”!  He even painted on the unprimed, backside of canvas because the image was “instantly indelible”.  He could not change his mind, he let his subconscious take over, and he constantly challenged his norm.

To find rhythm in chaos and turmoil and to create from the resulting energy is exhilarating, rewarding, and leads to other than safe and sound banalities.  Do not let your mind or your process be rushed.  Be aware of the frenetic energy.  Harness it, dance with it, play with it, yield to it and put it into your work.  Slow yourself down, but react fast, in this whirlwind and you just might end up seeing and using more.  Embrace a little more crazy in your life and let it fall into your art.

“Enjoy this world, even as it decends into chaos.  In fact, especially enjoy the chaos.” Bob Dylan

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