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Most artists are emotional, passionate, stubborn, and extremely volatile. Many are unhappy, disreputable, self-centered, egotistical, and very demanding.  There is an adage in the commercial world, “assholes and cream rise to the top”.  Often this is painfully true.  Doesn’t make it right.

The truth is that the world tends to forgive and even overlook transgressions because the inspiration found in the art outweighs rude behavior. Still doesn’t make it right.  Alongside these selfish tendencies comes hurt.  In their blindness, tunnel vision, and self-fulfilling focus, artists often hurt and neglect the ones who love and support them.  This hurt is expected to be pushed aside in the quest for creativity, process, and production.  But hurt is hurt.  It is the acid that eats away relationships, deteriorates marriages, and destroys friendships.  To hurt or be inconsiderate of someone in the name of your art is selfishness at it’s ultimate.  It really has no place in the creative process as it always destroys part of it or someone.

Think about it.  Be more considerate.  Do not take out your support system.  It is important and needed.  Slow down.  Do not become a dick just because you are trying to become an artist!  Do anything and everything you can not to be a selfish artist.

It is our responsibility to help others understand a little bit more about our unreasonable demands of time, energy, and heart. People involved in our lives know that we are possessed but they need to understand that we are possessed with honest energy and heart, not the devil incarnate! We need to stop thinking of ourselves once in awhile and think about and spend quality time with others.  Communicate with passion, educate with love, or they will go away.  And you will be left with just your art.  For some, it may be all you need.  For most others, take heed.  Be forewarned.  Alone may not be your art, but may end up being your destination.

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