Artists must be fearless.  Period.  Fearless with light, composition, approach to subject matter, and process.  It has been said that no passion so effectively robs the mind of all of its powers as fear.  We must be strong and confident in our work and methodology.  The energy that you give out is the energy that you get back.  Apprehension derails our creativity by misguiding or restraining our energy.

Fear takes on many forms: fear of being wrong, of being foolish, or in changing the way something has been done in the past.  Fear can be reluctance to deal with the unknown.  Fear can be brought about by lack of preparation and is the major block to getting new ideas.

Why not be fearless ?  What is to be gained by holding back ? Nothing. What are you afraid of ? Not being good enough, not being creative enough ?  If you are not out doing, you are only going to hear about it.  As automated as photography is these days, you still need to push the button.  Images do not get into your camera when you are sitting on your couch thinking and worrying.

Nervous ?  Don’t bother, get over it.  Your camera is a tool that gives you license to be other than you really are.  Use it.  Open doors with it, initiate conversations with it, become more of a dynamic personality because of it.  Our personality and energy are our most powerful tools on the street. Being shy gets you nothing and nowhere in the art world.  Being afraid gets you even less.  Be fearless with your art !  Go home and be shy.

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