Books are a good thing. Books are going away, as we know them. Really ?  Would we allow that to happen ?  Newspapers are dying, book stores and libraries are closing.  And nobody seems to care.  The world of paper is being given up to the world of electronics.  Saves some trees, I guess, but we could save a hell of a lot more trees if we took care of our environment, forests, and water supplies. Personally, I want the printed word in my hands, I want to feel and smell the paper, and  even get ink on my fingers.  I want a tactile, personal experience with a book.  I want to bend its pages and even write in the margins if I so desire.

Yes, our day to day lives related to the published news world has changed.  But, the news media has always messed with us in ways the actual nature of the news is being presented as well as it’s [truthful ?] content.  A very important function of books that must not change, however, is the photo/art book.  A beautifully printed photographic book is the next best thing to actually seeing a photograph hanging on a wall.  Books allow us to see many more images than galleries can hold, as well as bring us work of photographers we might not know about.  Although an argument can be made as to the accessibility/research factor of computer technology.  Photos are meant to be in books and shared and used for educational purposes on a more personal level.

Books are also good vehicles to present your work, art projects, personal themes.  A good use of a computer these days ?  Use it to make a book ! Express your vision and share your art with as many people as possible. Put more books out into the world.  Go to a book store while they are still around.  Buy books from book stores once in awhile, so they do not go to the graveyards already populated by the neighborhood movie theatre. Don’t always hit Amazon for the discount.  Artists will get some of the money, businesses will benefit, and employment is created. All necessary things in today’s ever-so-selfish world. And, finally, people must go outside to find a book store instead of stacking up more calories from your plush chair or couch, with that lit box in your face.  Go out and breathe some fresh air and interact with other human being, for god’s sake.  Don’t even get me going about the lack of social skills, and the reasons why, these days !

I am not denying the power of the web or the research capabilities of the electronic world.  They are here to stay.  Why can’t books stay also ?  Why can’t we have a choice ?  There is something substantial and lasting about a book.  Buy a book that means something to you.  Give a book to someone to enlighten, amuse, educate.  Holding a paperback, reading on the beach, has GOT to be a different experience than holding your kindle under your cabanna !  Do not let books disappear.  Books are a good thing !

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