Merfeld: People

An eclectic collection of Merfeld color, silver gelatin, and collodion portraits. This is a softbound edition.

Richard, Mark, Strauss, Mona, Veronica & Violet, Mr. B., Rick, Tony, Norma, Melanie, Paul, Suzanne, "E", Leor, Liz, Puppeteer, Sheila and Nicole, Arch Bishop Mahoney, Captain Ogawa, Laughing cat, Howard, Twins, Primal Scream, Jason, Autumn on a crutch, Potato head, Podeyes, Zillaboy, Maria's holy card, Marcel, Smokey, Fahey, Dragonfly, Irit, Heribierto, Helena, Marla, Marissa, Marissa (Gucci), Gethsamane, Luna


Price: $45.00

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