The first in a collective series of books featuring Merfeld's collodion work. This publication contains 50 portraits.

Marla,Valentino's Hands, Podeyes, Raul Juggling Art, Helena, Maria's Holy Card, Zilla Boy, Marissa, Madrigal's Storm, Crystal in Brace, Awele, Marcel Petanque Master, Heriberto Steel Worker, The Rower, Beatrice, Fahey, Terry E. Angry at Being White, Amy's Kiss, Maria and Cathy, Liz con LA Virgen de Guadalupe, Aunt Betty, Tony's Assumption, Joel, Stephen, Cheryl, Justine, Alysse, Brandon, Ruby, Beauty Queen, Lesa, Sonia, Gucci, Prada, Cabeza de Caballo, "Marilyn", Unojo, Senora Plastica, The Count and Ralphie, Ms. May, Mona in the Rain, Naomi Rising, Lost Youth, Luna, Carnivale, God the Father God the Sun Godzilla, Melting Man, Brando's Dead, The Offering.



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