Potato head + friends

A retrospective featuring Merfeld's silver prints.
60 unique portraits of people with animals, bikers, transvestites, women in masks, twins, and more.

Potato Head, Sheila and Nicole, Jake, Laughing Cat, Because of Gilbert Grape, Sylvia, "Little" Angelo, Ajitto, Tony, Zaro, Bonnie, Maria, Sage, ArchBishop, Brian, Gary, Stephan, Regina, Woman Wearing Mask #2, Steve, Buffalo, Aaron and Rebe, Bud Sharon and "Herc", Kate and Dr. Devereaux, Mr. America, "Superman", Timmy, Sully and Joseph, Steve, Wino", Sullivan & Aaron, "Redwing", Billie, Diva, Bridget, Fabio, Tommy, Puppeteer, Bridget and Micky, Tiffany and Brittany Russian grandmothers, Eric and Derrick, Lucelle and Estelle, Howard, Wayne, Scott, Divine, Jerry, Jimmy, Jason, Girl with Hair in Branches, Bonnie as a Table, Nicole's Angst, Primal Scream, Dominatrix, Autumn on a Crutch, Looking Back at Marriage, Necromance the Laugh of Death, Crucifixion of Elizabeth, Puppydog


Price: $75.00

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